A story about a future world where the dream of living in utopia can only be sustained by a nomadic tribe of artists and intellectuals, Mark Amerika's Immobilité mashes up the language of "foreign films" with landscape painting and literary metafiction. The work was composed using an unscripted, improvisational method of acting and the mobile phone images are intentionally shot in an amateurish or DIY [do-it-yourself] style similar to the evolving forms of video distributed in social media environments such as YouTube. By interfacing this low-tech version of video making with more sophisticated forms of European art-house movies, Amerika both asks and answers the question "What is the future of cinema?"


Tate Media Fall 2008 Program (interview at the Tate Britain)
Chelsea Art Museum
(New York) / Denver Art Museum
Streaming Museum (Liverpool, Melbourne, Milan, Seoul, Bangkok, BBC)
National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens, Greece)
VI Seminário Internacional de Cinema e Audiovisual (Salvador, Brazil)


Created by Mark Amerika
Original soundtrack by Chad Mossholder
Featuring Camille Lacadee and Magda Tyzlik-Carver


Immobilité is a feature-length "foreign film" shot entirely on a mobile phone in Cornwall, UK. Financial support for the creation of Immobilité was provided by the University College Falmouth, Tate Media, and the University of Colorado Innovative Grant and LEAP awards.

Trail(er) Mix

Mark Amerika / Chad Mossholder

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A Foreign Film by
Mark Amerika

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